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Kansas Wesleyan University

Stay Connected

Alumni relations is growing stronger every day across the United States and even internationally!  We now have 16 alumni chapters established including: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Goodland (High Plains – western Kansas), Houston, Kansas City (KS), Kansas City (MO), Manhattan (Flint Hills),  north-central Kansas, Orlando (FLA), Phoenix, Salina, Salina Area Young Alumni, and Wichita (south-central Kansas).

Find Your Chapter

KWU Alumni Chapters

For information about upcoming events and news in the following areas, please send an email to the address(s) provided.

Austin, Texas:
Hailey Vandevanter, [email protected] 

Chicago, Illinois:
Neal Jeffery, [email protected]
Michelle Repp, [email protected]

Dallas, Texas:
[email protected]
Zachery Brown (President), [email protected]

Denver, Colorado:
[email protected]
Calvin Brown, [email protected]

Fort Worth, Texas:
[email protected]
Kendall Borghardt, [email protected]

Goodland, Kansas (High Plains – western Kansas ):
David Branda, [email protected]
Samantha Windle, [email protected]

Houston, Texas:
[email protected]
Erin Steinkamp, [email protected]

Kansas City, Kansas:
Bob Meyer, [email protected]

Kansas City, Missouri:
Jolina Kline, [email protected]

Manhattan, Kansas (Flint Hills):
[email protected]
Nita Nelson Wiley (Vice President), [email protected]

North Central Kansas:
Travis Shaft, [email protected]
Annetta Flax (Secretary), [email protected]

Orlando, Florida:
[email protected]
Nissa Inzunza, [email protected]

Phoenix, Arizona:
[email protected]  
JC Walsh, [email protected]  
Allyson Lindstrom, [email protected]

Salina, Kansas:
[email protected]

Salina, Kansas Young Alumni:
[email protected]
Eddie Balluch, [email protected]

Wichita, Kansas (south-central):
Mike Baumberger, [email protected]
Hannah Kern, [email protected]

Alumni Association Council

Alumni chapters have been established around the globe to keep everyone connected to Kansas Wesleyan. The chapters meet at different times based on the groups themselves. Each chapter has the goal of two representatives on the Alumni Council.  The Alumni Council meets quarterly where university news, events, and issues are discussed. Each council member provides a report for their area, including upcoming alumni events, or questions/concerns, and reports university news and events back to their chapter group. Becoming involved in an alumni chapter is a great way to stay connected to KWU. Interested in starting an alumni chapter or hosting a gathering or event in your area? Contact Michelle Dolan in the Alumni Office by phone at (785) 833-4338, or by email at [email protected] or Hannah Holt ’14 at (913) 940-2552 or email [email protected].

Alumni Council Officers and Members 2022-23

Zack Brown ’13: President
Nita Nelson Wiley ’80: Vice President
Annetta Flax ’13: Secretary



  • Eddie Balluch ’12, Young Alumni representative, (785) 260-1877
  • Mike Baumberger ’96, Wichita representative, (316) 655-3350
  • David Branda ’76, High Plains representative, (785) 821-0811
  • Rick Dahl ’99, Salina representative, (785) 342-1927
  • Annetta Flax ’13, North Central Kansas representative, (785) 833-4335
  • Hannah Kern ’12, Wichita representative, (316) 617-1748
  • Jolina Kline ’97, Kansas City representative, (816) 914-8385
  • Bob Meyer ’73, Kansas City representative, (913) 485-1328
  • Nita Nelson Wiley ’80, Flint Hills representative, (785) 452-2729
  • Travis Shaft ’09, North Central Kansas representative, (785) 342-9289
  • Sami Windle ’10, High Plains representative, (785) 899-2664

Out of State

  • Kendall Borghardt ’17: Ft. Worth representative, (817) 690-3615
  • Calvin Brown ’93: Denver representative, (303) 829-1839
  • Zack Brown ’13: Dallas representative, (682) 558-5859
  • Nissa Inzunza ’19, Orlando representative, (909) 936-8612
  • Neal Jeffery ’12: Chicago representative, (785) 534-0604
  • Allyson Lindstrom ’97, Phoenix representative
  • Michelle Repp ’95, Chicago representative, (312) 479-7911
  • Erin Steinkamp ’99, Houston representative, (713) 825-1369
  • Hailey Vandevanter ’20, G’22, Austin representative, (510) 676-9613
  • J.C. Walsh ’99, Arizona representative, (602) 369-7958